Meet Dr. Rodríguez



Dr. Angel Emmanuel Rodríguez Peña graduated from Boston University (BU) with a Master's degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Periodontology in 2016. Dr. Rodríguez Peña was a visiting researcher at the University of Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) Advanced Graduate Periodontology Program in 2012. He earned a certificate from the Advanced Graduate Education Program department at the University of Southern California (USC) in 2011. He received his D.D.S. from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León – School of Dentistry, Monterrey, Mexico, in 2010.

He has authored numerous scientific articles in prestigious journals and magazines. He has lectured nationally and internationally. Dr. Rodríguez Peña has had the opportunity to help and serve on several medical volunteer programs in underserved communities of third world countries. Dr. Rodríguez Peña is very passionate about life and is in a constant search for knowledge to help his patients and to provide excellent oral health that everyone deserves.
Dr. Rodríguez Peña maintains a private practice limited to Periodontics, Implantology and Esthetic advanced dentistry.


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