Bite Adjustment: Restoring Oral Health and Smiles for Patients in Los Angeles, CA

A healthy bite means your teeth meet harmoniously, but various factors like tooth wear, misalignments, or even natural jaw variations can disrupt this balance, leading to discomfort and pain. In these cases, patients can often benefit from bite adjustment. But what exactly is bite adjustment? In essence, it's a dental procedure, also known as occlusal adjustment or equilibration, designed to correct your bite's alignment. At Perio Implant Health Professionals in Los Angeles, California, we offer compassionate service using advanced technology to restore your oral health and create a smile you’ll love.

Who Is a Candidate for Bite Adjustment?

When your teeth don't align correctly, it can cause wear, looseness, or even TMJ. Perio Implant Health Professionals in Los Angeles recognizes these issues and offers comprehensive bite adjustment procedures. Our approach may include reshaping biting surfaces, eliminating excessive pressure spots, employing bite splint therapy with custom-fitted guards, braces for repositioning, replacing old fillings, and reconstructing damaged teeth.

The Bite Adjustment Procedure

The bite adjustment procedure begins with a thorough assessment. Using specialized tools, the team at Perio Implant Health Professionals identifies areas of excessive contact or misalignment. We then make precise adjustments to the affected teeth, reshaping or polishing them to achieve a balanced bite. This meticulous process aims to distribute chewing forces evenly across all teeth, preventing strain and damage over time.

How Long Does it Take Bite Adjustment to Settle?

After undergoing a bite adjustment procedure, patients often wonder how long it takes for the adjustment to settle. The answer varies, as each individual's mouth and teeth respond differently. It will also depend on the type and extent of treatment required to address your unique circumstances. Your periodontist will provide detailed information regarding how long it will take your bite adjustment to settle. During this period, it's crucial to follow any instructions your periodontist provides and to follow up as needed.

Why Choose Perio Implant Health Professionals for Your Occlusal Adjustment?

Choosing Perio Implant Health Professionals in Los Angeles for your bite adjustment procedure will ensure you receive the best care. We’re know for our:

  • Patient-driven approach – Unlike many practices, our focus is not business-driven; it's entirely centered on patient care. We provide conservative care, prioritizing your health and best interests.
  • Emphasis on saving teeth – Our philosophy is to try and save teeth, not extract them. This conservative approach is evident in our bite adjustment procedures, where the goal is to restore rather than remove.
  • Specialization in complex cases – We excel in handling dental implant cases that are challenging and often turned away by other providers. This expertise extends to our bite adjustment procedures, ensuring you receive the best care for even the most complicated issues.
  • State-of-the-art technology – Utilizing the latest dental technologies, including the Deka Ultra CO2 Laser and SprintRay Pro 55S 3D Printer, we offer precision and comfort in every treatment.

Schedule a Bite Adjustment Evaluation

Bite adjustment is more than just a dental procedure; it's a step towards improving your overall oral health and comfort. At Perio Implant Health Professionals in Los Angeles, California, you'll find a team dedicated to ensuring your bite is not only functional but also comfortable and healthy.  

Don't let an imbalanced bite affect your quality of life; reach out to Perio Implant Health Professionals today and take the first step towards a healthier, more comfortable smile.

Five-Star Reviews


Perio Implant Health Professionals is proud to serve our community in Los Angeles, CA, with integrity, passion, and kindness. See what our patients have to say about us.
I went in today for a consultation and had a great experience. I am terrified of going to the dentist but Dr. Rodriguez was kind and patient with me while I had a mini breakdown. His assistants Danny and Mariano were also very kind. I have my surgery appointment in August and although I am nervous, I know I'll be in good hands.

Athenas O.

Tampa, FL

I met Dr Joan Otomo-Corgel while bringing my client to see her. While there I showed her my front gums that had amalgam leaking from very old post & core with crowns & multiple bone graft procedures.  My dentist sent my X-rays to her office and she examined my whole mouth to advise me & my dentist what she suggests as treatment options. Meeting Dr. Otomo- Corgel gave me great peace of mind about next steps. Once that part of my mouth is tackled, I would definitely come back for an implant consultation in another part of my mouth!  Her assistant Marcello was very welcoming & thorough with my intake & exam. What a blessing!

Lisa B.

Tampa, FL

Dr. Otomo is a caring and highly skilled periodontist.  I've suffered from chronic gum inflammation for years, but have seen significant improvement since I began seeing her.  She's active in the research aspects of her field and knowledgeable of the latest treatments. Her sense of humor is a nice bonus.

Ross D.

Tampa, FL